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What stage is the development at?

Work officially began on site on May 30, 2012, and is well under way. The 201 affordable homes are now visible on site and the private housing stage of the development will commence in Spring 2014.

What type of housing is being built?

The development will consist of a mixture of housing which will include housing for affordable rent and private housing for sale.

Will there be high-rise blocks?

No. The development will consist of a mixture of housing but none of this will be situated in high-rise blocks.

What materials are being used for the housing?

The houses and flats have a brick finish.

How is the development site secured outwith normal working hours?

A security company is providing security services for the development site.

How can I buy a house?

Our sales office is located on Bedford Street (G5 9NF) and our sales adviser is on site Thursday to Monday between 11.00am and 5.00pm. Sales Launch is Saturday 20th September 2014.